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Date: June 29, 2010.From: Secunderabad.

Dear Sir/Madam,


I, Ravi, I am one of your employee of the Sattelite Data Services. I sent by the hand of e-mail enclosed in the letter addressed to me.

The Sattelite Data Services located at Secunderabad is doing fraud to the people in the name of data-entry-works, they are providing data entry works by charging more-money, and promising false figures in return, and after submission of the work they just rejects the work showing false reasons and cancels the contract of the customer, this such service providers who are doing white collar cheating in the name of part time jobs etc, they are generating huge sum of BLACK MONEY by all these means, which the government should go through and wipe out from the society, they should be punished rigorously.

Postal Address:

Mr. Sayeed Sattelite Data Services, 4th Floor, Srinath Commercial Complex,S.D. Road, Secunderabad-500003. Hyderabad.

Tele: 040-65261991 // 9160229608

Please give this matter immediate attention.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,Ravi

PS: Copy - To News Channels & Hyderabad City Police, Hyderabad

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In response to Mrs. Vijay Daniel. :

How would you make us believe you are not a personnel from Satellite Data services?

You could be a mere parrot speaking on their behalf.

In response to mr. MRavi :

Very true. They make us pay 750 Rs. in the name of registration fee. Miss. Fouzia, the front office woman, shows an arrogant face when we ask her about the rejection criteria. These people are merely parrots.

How are people encouraging such things when they know it well before that they are going to lose money?

In anguish



I'm a housewife and mother of two, I reqquest you plz dont confuse others with such illicit allegations, as I too wasted my two months considering your complaint as a real one. But now I'm doing my 5th and final project, and I get paid for my 3 out of 4 projects submitted. My 2nd project was rejected as I could not complete the assignment on time. During this whole procedure I get every possible support from their staff and the company. So plz dont confuse the others without mentioning the cause that why you were ignored.

wishing you and your family,


V. Daniel

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